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Eleanor Kreneck


Ellie married fellow student Lynwood Kreneck one week after graduation from the University of Texas.  Eventually, they and their 3 children settled in Lubbock, where Lynwood taught printmaking at Texas Tech University, and Ellie was an adjunct in design and art history.  Her love of fabric led to exploring painting on cloth with dyes which eventually led to art quilting.  In 2007, she was juried into the international organization, Studio Art Quilt Associates, as a professional artist.  Her work has since been in numerous national and regional shows including A Sense of Humor, which debuted at the International Quilt Festival in Houston in 2009; Sacred Threads, an exhibition in Herndon VA. Quilts=Art=Quilts in Auburn NY in 2011;  Celebration Silver which opened at the Houston International Quilt Festival in 2014 and has been on a two-year tour spanning 4 continents; and  My Corner of the World, which opened in Stratford, Ontario in 2016.

Ellie’s work has been included in several books, among them Five Hundred Art Quilts , ( Lark Publications 2010), Lone Star Quilts III, Texas Quilts Today, 1986 – 2011 ( University of Texas Press), People and Portraits ( Lark Publications) , Contemporary Art of Nature – Mammals (Schiffer Publications) , and Legacy of a Thousand Stitches by Dr.  Marian Ann Montgomery.

Ellie’s work is in the White House Ornament collection and the Museum of Texas Tech University.