2019 art sale and exhibition

Art on the Llano Estacado
Artist 16 of 39

Rick Jackson


“It has been said that art is an emotion and that the subject matter used to engender that emotion is immaterial. Having spent most of my life in a ranching environment has afforded me the knowledge of and a deep appreciation for the unspoiled life of the ‘American Cowboy’. Consequently, I have chosen the western motif as my vehicle. With the utilization of lines, composition, and subject matter, I strive to create a connection between the collector and my sculpture. My intention is to capture a moment in time that evokes a specific personal emotion in viewers, allowing them to finish the story in their own unique way.

I have no formal education in art, but I am fortunate to have been mentored by several of the more renowned sculptors such as Fritz White, Grant Speed, Herb Mignery, Mehl Lawson, and others. During my 67 years, I have ventured into many different endeavors from manufacturing to ranching and farming to credit management and bill collecting, and almost everything in-between. However, it seems that without the experiences that I gained, I would not have acquired the necessary experience and knowledge to persevere in the field of art.

For me, the intriguing aspect of art is the unattainable goal to arrive at perfection. It is the challenge of approaching each new piece as a unique learning experience that sustains my enthusiasm.”