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Stefan Savides


Stefan's life is simply about birds and art. He is one of the blessed few who have never worked a day that he was not recreating birds in one form or another. This multi-talented artist, from a young age, has completely supported himself throughout his life with taxidermy, painting, carving, and sculpting of birds.

Stefan’s passion for birds has been with him from day one. This early fascination with the avian world lead him to learn taxidermy at the young age of twelve. He was a natural! By age sixteen he was instructing adults in a night school setting and went on to establish a thriving career in taxidermy by age eighteen. His passion and dedication gained him a respected international reputation in avian taxidermy.

 “While it was my fifty plus years of avian taxidermy that fine-tuned my eye for bird anatomy, it was my art sense that compelled me to gravitate towards sculpture and sculpt in a style that omitted the realistic detail, a factor which is paramount in a mounted bird.”

Sculpting in bronze is a natural progression for Stefan as it is an avenue which provides him an opportunity to express his art and knowledge of avian anatomy in a lasting medium. Fifty years studying birds, coupled with a flair for simplistic, elegant design equates to renderings that capture the essence of his subjects in tasteful clean works of art. His work is to the point, without the distraction of overbearing detail. He has made birds his life and his work simply speaks of it!

Stefan lives in Klamath Falls, OR, with his bride, Irena.