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2020 art sale and exhibition

Art on the Llano Estacado
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Wayne Salge


The historic tradition of cast bronze provides a contemporary avenue for the execution of Wayne Salge’s abstracted human and animal figures. In his world, “less is more” perfectly describes his goal of emphasizing an attitude or mood for his subjects and allowing the viewer to complete the interpretative story. Knowing when to stop is paramount in his process.

Wayne Salge was born and raised in San Antonio, TX where his early education included classes in art history, painting and sculpture followed by workshops in bronze casting and stone carving. His work history includes butcher, television art director and Army illustrator with residences in TX, MA, Vietnam and Washington, DC. Relocating to CO in 1970, he worked as a graphic designer/illustrator for 28 years. Since 1998 he works both as a sculptor and an acrylic painter in northeastern CO. His 100 plus bronze works are cast in limited editions and range in size from 5 inches to 16 feet. They are exhibited in juried and invitational shows and galleries nationwide with multiple public pieces installed in AR, CA, CO, FL, OK and SC. Salge is an elected